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#107: Piggy Banks or Money Apps?

More and more we are living in a cashless society. In this episode, hosts Todd and Evan discuss trends in teaching money management to kids. Guest Gregg Murset is the CEO of BusyKid, a money app that helps parents teach their kids how to manage their allowance. His company is providing a platform for parents to electronically deposit an allowance based on completing chores. Gregg discusses how kids can learn about invisible money, and learn the value of money and work ethic from their parents.

Gregg Murset is the CEO of BusyKid, a chores and allowance app for kids and former CEO and Founder of Gregg is the father of six and a Certified Financial Planner. He was honored with the National Financial Educators Council’s Financial Education Instructor of the Year award in 2014. Learn more about Gregg and his company at