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#170: Intro to Stocks and Investing as a Teen

The stock market is often in the news, but what does it mean when it’s up or it’s down? What does it mean to invest? Can you invest when you’re under 18? Should you invest young? Rishika and Mindy came to stock analyst Jason Moser with a lot of questions about how to understand the stock market and investments when you’re a young person, and he had great answers about taking charge of your financial future and feeling a sense of ownership about the businesses you shop or eat at in your own life. Jason also explains some key stock market and investment terms and shares pathways to investing young.

Jason Moser is a lead advisor at The Motley Fool. You can hear more from him on the MarketFoolery and Industry Focus podcasts as well as the Motley Fool Money radio show, and he is active on Twitter @TMFJMo.