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#171: Intro to FinTech as a Teen

Financial technology, or fintech, is a growing market for delivering financial services in an increasingly digital-focused age. If you check your bank account on your phone or pay a friend using a mobile payment app like Venmo or PayPal, you’re using fintech! Rishika and Mindy are excited to learn about what possibilities fintech holds for young people who want to gain greater financial literacy. Hear from UX designer and financial advisor LaToya Westbrooks about her path to working in the fintech world and how to explore fintech, personal finance, and investing safely.

LaToya encourages young people to do their own research into fintech possibilities! She says, “That’s something I would recommend to people who are interested in fintech or going to college, is don’t be afraid to try things.” The following apps may be good resources to start exploring:

LaToya Westbrooks is a Personal Finance Coach and the Founder of Wealthly, a financial literacy and coaching platform that helps millennials and couples reach their personal finance goals through strategy, support and technology. She initially got her start on the trading floor on Wall Street but soon realized she was more passionate about personal finance and helping people on their financial journey. She is determined to eliminate the wealth gap one household at a time!