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#175: College Tips – Application Experiences

In high school, or even middle school, students may start to think about their higher education plans. College is a great option for people interested in expanding their theoretical knowledge, exploring specific subjects, and training or preparing for specialized, technical or academic careers. Rishika and Mindy have both gone through the process of applying to college in 2020. Rishika applied to many colleges and will be attending her first choice, the University of Michigan, which is outside of her home state of California. Mindy helped her daughter through the application process, and Elle will be attending the University of Oregon, which is in her home state.
Rishika and Mindy talk about what the process of applying for college was like, sharing their perspectives as a student applicant and as the parent of a student who is exploring and applying to colleges. Listen to hear what tips they have for preparing to apply for college!