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#182: A Spirit of Giving

It’s the holiday season, and Mindy and Money JAR producer Hannah are here to talk about this season of light and giving! There are a lot of social and familial pressures around giving gifts, but we at the Money JAR invite you to listen to this episode and think about intention, reflection, and the care that goes into reaching out to loved ones and impacting your community as 2021 draws to a close.

Receiving gifts is also an art, and Mindy shares tips for cultivating gratitude, including writing good thank you notes. She says, “We give within our means and what we’re able to give, and that’s okay. And we want to receive within the means of what someone has. I would never want someone to overspend on me!” Mindy and Hannah discuss holiday budgeting for gifts as well as philanthropic outreach with your community. Nonprofits often see a spike in end-of-year giving for tax reasons, but Hannah encourages Money JAR listeners to consider their local connections and give time or funding or attention to causes you care about. Even raising awareness about an issue can bring help where it’s needed most.

We at the Money JAR are so grateful for our listeners this year, and we look forward to reaching you with more exciting new episodes in 2022!