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#186: Getting Started in Cryptocurrency

The Money JAR has spoken with experts on cryptocurrency and the blockchain, and they have described some amazing views of the future of this technology. We’re getting down to the basics in this episode with a college student who is exploring the world of cryptocurrency and is here to share his experiences and suggest some paths that young people might take if they want to get started in crypto. Rishika and Mindy interview Ian Herdegen, a college senior and entrepreneur, about how he began his journey into crypto. Ian describes the power of blockchain for security and encourages his fellow Gen Z investors to “do their own research…if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.”

Ian advises people who are just getting curious about cryptocurrency to also seek out mentors who are doing well in their crypto ventures. There are risks, but this field is expanding every day. Blockchain technology has huge potential applications in cybersecurity as well as banking and trading. Ian says, “Weigh the opinion of others,” but also encourages thoughtful choices and curiosity about the crypto market.

Ian is a senior at the University of Michigan and the founder and designer for Crypto Campus, an NFT project based off of real world landmarks on college campuses. Additionally, Ian is one of the founders of BuyMySpot – a peer-to-peer marketplace for parking.