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#188: Investing in Your Own Ideas

Rishika caught up with a young entrepreneur and brand advisor who started her own business during the COVID pandemic, right as she graduated high school. Bailey Rose Campbell launched her first business in podcast editing, website design, and brand advising. She’s built up her business via social media and network connections, and tells listeners, “One of the biggest things is loneliness as an obstacle in this business […] but as long as you still have one person in your corner, it can make the world of a difference, really.” She talks about investing in her work and the struggles she faced with isolation during the pandemic. She also shares her unofficial role as a hypewoman for women working to build their dreams!

Bailey Rose is a 19 year old entrepreneur who helps go-getter entrepreneurs & life coaches connect authentically with their ideal clients through intentional brand and website design. After graduating high school in early 2020, she launched her first business. Overnight she went from full time student to full time business owner. She taught herself everything through YouTube and online courses to become the brand and website designer she is today…and less than a year after launching, at just 19, she had scaled her small-bedroom-desk-business to over 6 figures.