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#51: Cool Careers!

What’s a smart way to find out if you’d really be happy and successful in a career? What makes a cool career? Evan and Todd talk with Dr. Marty Nemko, award-winning career counselor and author of “Cool Careers for Dummies”. They also talk with Dominic Amae who has a cool career designing consumer electronics for Logitech. Dominic gives advice to kids who want to enter a STEM field such as engineering.

Dr. Marty Nemko is a career expert who hosts the radio program “Working with Marty Nemko” on NPR in San Francisco. He is a regular contributor to and

Dominic Amae is a Principal Mechanical Engineer at Logitech. He directed solar car design teams in high school that competed in Australia and Switzerland. Now he designs speakers and headsets for Logitech.