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#34: Food Budgeting

We all have to buy food. Whether it’s from the supermarket, the farmers market, or from a restaurant, facing the cost of food is a daily challenge for many. This week on The Money JAR, our hosts speak with popular food bloggers Mary Anne Rittenhouse and Beth Moncel as they focus on recipes, tips and tricks to helping young adults and families get a handle on their household food budget.


For the past 20+ years, Mary Anne Rittenhouse has worked as a professional caterer dishing up everything from haute cuisine to comfort food using a blend of original recipes and re-worked family favorites, courtesy of her mom and “nana.” See more at:

As a college grad during the recent great recession, Beth Moncel found herself, like so many others, broke. Unwilling to sacrifice eating healthy and well—and armed with a degree in nutritional science—Beth began tracking her costs with obsessive precision, and soon cut her grocery bill in half. Eager to share her tips and recipes, she launched her blog, Budget Bytes. See more at :