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#37: Young Entrepreneurs Pt. 1

On this week’s episode of The Money JAR , part one of a two-part series on entrepreneurship, hosts Todd and Evan speak with Stanford University entrepreneur Anshul Samar, founder of the chemistry card game Elementeo. Combining his passion for learning and playing board games, Samar began developing Elementeo at the age of 12, and has since grown it into a thriving business which has garnered national acclaim. Samar walks listeners through the idea’s conception and what lessons he’s learned as a young business owner, sharing advice for young people looking to start their own business.

Anshul Samar is Founder and CEO of Alchemist Empire, Inc. At age 13, Samar launched the Elementeo Chemistry Card Game in an effort to make learning chemistry more fun for students.  He is currently a sophomore at Stanford University and launched the new version of Elementeo last year. You can view the game and buy it here.