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#38: Young Entrepreneurs Pt. 2

On part two of our Entrepreneurs series, hosts Todd and Evan speak with Amber Goodenough, founder of fourfour media and The OnRamp. Goodenough is a serial small business entrepreneur who has started a number of businesses including a coffee shop, a golf app, and a web design company. Her most recent endeavor, The OnRamp, is dedicated to empowering creative entrepreneurs to develop successful businesses. Reflecting on her past failures – and successes – Goodenough shares what she’s learned from the companies that didn’t make it, the ones that did, and why she decided to go back to school to improve her business. Her experience and reflection on her past serve as an inspiration for aspiring young entrepreneurs, making this a not-to-miss episode!
Amber Goodenough is a seasoned business owner whose business writing has been featured on Gigaom, RedFounder, and Teen Business Forum. She teaches small business management, online business and social media through her Business Plan eCourse and at events like Entrepreneur Bootcamp. Goodenough is the founder of Caffeine Dreams Coffee and Tea (voted best coffee house in Omaha), fourfour media web design, ClubDivot llc and The OnRamp. Her passion lies in helping others take the leap from traditional 9-5 jobs to being successful business owners. She and her co-founder/husband Eric are location independent and run their online businesses from all over the globe.