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#21: Summer Camp: More Bang For Your Buck (Vol. 1)

For many kids, a summer camp experience will leave a lasting impression on them for years to come.  While families have a cadre of exciting summer extracurricular activities to choose from, given limited time and money in the family budget, it is always important to determine which opportunities will provide the best return on the investment.  While we’re all familiar with the traditional summer camps which feature canoeing, cookouts and crafts, listen in as Troy Coady, Program Director of Young Entrepreneurs Business Week (YEBW), shares a bit about his unique business and entrepreneurial focused summer camp for high school kids.


Troy Coady acquired his B.S. from the University of Portland. During his tenure there he started and maintained an event filming business for all four years.  He currently manages planning, delivery, and evaluation of YEBW programs, while developing and executing marketing strategies and facilitating volunteer committees, such as the Program Advisory Board and Curriculum Committee. After hours, he spends the majority of his discretionary time coaching basketball at La Salle Prep in Clackamas, Oregon. He also enjoys traveling, reading, playing tennis, and spending time with his friends and family.