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#26: So You Want a Car, Do You?

One of the most coveted milestones for American youth is turning 16 and being granted the freedom to drive a car.  By one’s self.  Without supervision!  As a parent, this can be terrifying.  Beyond conveying the seriousness of this new-found personal responsibility to your children, how does your family plan to handle the financial impact of having a new young driver in your home?  Tune in as our hosts interview guest Steve Isaak as he shares his best practices around preparing kids for the economic implications of car ownership.


Steve Isaak is the Senior Vice President of U.S. Bank and has been with the bank for 23 years. His focus has always been on client relations, selling solutions, prospect conversion, and team building/management. He also currently serves as a “player/coach” in Oregon Commercial Banking, which means he’s responsible for portfolios of clients along with managing three relationship manager peers. A graduate of the University of Oregon, Isaak earned a bachelor’s degree in finance and marketing, and is a certified cash manager. Isaak is active in the community, coaches youth sports, and lives in Portland with his two teenage sons.