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#5: How to Save 25k by The Time You Are 25

Many parents would be simply ecstatic if their children emerged from college unscathed by a mountain of debt.  But imagine if your kids not only evaded the common debilitating financial liability many of their peers will face, but were actually able to amass a significant “nest-egg” just as they embark on their adult lives!  Listen in as guest expert J.D. Roth shares some practical tips for guiding your kids on ways to save $25,000 by the age of 25.


J.D. Roth, a self-described “accidental personal finance expert” is an average guy who found himself in serious debt. After deciding to make a significant life-change, he studied up on everything he could find regarding money management and personal finance. In 2006, Roth started the award-winning website, which Money Magazine named the “The Web’s Most Inspiring Personal Finance Blog” and he has since been distinguished among TIME magazine’s Best Blogs of 2011.  Over the past four years,  has grown into a significant interactive community wherein nearly 500,000 readers each month share ideas on how to improve one’s financial life.  In addition to his website,  Roth is also the author of the book Your Money: The Missing Manual.  A graduate of Willamette University, he currently lives with his wife in Portland, Oregon.